Heat and Energy


According to the Oriental medicine, the heart is not the only engine of human body, there is also the vital energy named "Qi" (tchi) in Chinese or "Ki" in Japanese and Korean languages. The center of the vital energy is located at the abdomen level, it is called "TanTien" in Chinese, "Hara" in Japannese or also "Kindu" by people doing yoga.

The vital energy can be expressed through the available force of a person, the resistance of the body against diseases and its capacity of self-healing.

In order to strengthen one’s « Qi », specialists recommended to wear the Solar Stone everyday 15 minutes on the kidneys (entry of energy) then 30 minutes on the abdomen to activate the Hara.

In Korea where the Solar Stone has been created, it is advised by doctors and it can be found in some hospitals.


Far Infra Red (FIR)


The kaoline stone baked at more than 1000°C produces Far InfraRed rays. The infrared light is situated in the inferior wavelengths of the sun spectrum. It cannot be seen by human eyes but this is what produces the heat on nice summer days.

FIR rays wavelength is the same as the one found in the growth and development of all natural things

FIR rays are able to penetrate deep into the human body’s tissues. FIR appears to be very resonant with cell tissues and harmonizes with your own life-force energy. This natural process known as resonance absorption produces warmth and other benefits:

Muscles relaxation

FIR heat relieves muscular tension: It penetrates into and heats tissues, muscles and joints; it reduces irritation of the nerve endings and muscular spasms. The Solar Stone is ideal to relieve muscular pain, especially in the low back.

Relieve stomach ache

FIR heat has an effective action on stomach aches and brings a real comfort. It improves bowel movements and releases stomach knots caused by stress and emotions. And for women it helps to relieve period pain.

Alleviate the pain of arthritis and rheumatism

The deep absorption of the FIR rays improves blood microcirculation which alleviates injured muscles and soft tissue pains.

Increase metabolism and blood circulation

FIR heat has a beneficial action on capillaries which improves bloodstream and cells oxygenation and regeneration. FIR stimulates enzymatic activity as well. It also has a positive action against cellulite, water retention and bad fats in a body detoxification context.


Anions (GOLD model only)


Balance Nervous system

Negative ions help to calm and relax the body form the tension and nervousness accumulated during the day. Our lifestyle (TVs, computers, mobile phones, etc) make us live in a world overloaded with positive ions which are harmful to the nervous system. Contact with anions can also reduce stress and tiredness feeling.

Strengthen immune system

A higher concentration of negative ions increases the production of immunoglobulin in the blood, resulting in a better resistance against diseases.


Information here above provided does not substitute any medical treatment