Solar Stone Composition


The Solar Stone has been designed in respect of the environment. The main constituents come from natural material and are all biodegradable or recyclable .

The Solar stone is certified and (Restriction of Hazardous Substances)



  • A kaoline stone bloc, a white clay type which once heated emits far infrared heat.
  • Two discs from the purest ceramic which produce negatives ions (GOLD model only).
  • A mix of vermiculite and ochre which evenly distributes the heat.
  • A metal casing for protection.
  • An electric element which heats the solar stone to 60°C in a few minutes.

The electric element does not operate when people use the solar stone so it does not emit harmful electromagnetic waves contrary to other heating pads or infrared devices.


Security x3


The Solar Stone has 3 security systems to prevent any overheat risks:

  • A sensor that regulates the electrical charge.
  • A fuse that stops the current in case of overheat.
  • A timer that limits the charge to 7 minutes.