When and How to use the Solar Stone


The Solar Stone can be used anywhere, no need for hot water or a microwaves oven. This mains-operated appliance can be easily charged in 5 minutes at home, at the office, at a friends’ place, in a coffee shop, in a highway lay-by, etc.

Once charged, you can wear it wherever you are thanks to the belt that allows optimal utilization and comfort.


How to operate


5 minutes of charging for more than 2 hours of beneficial heat!

  1. Place the Solar Stone in the cover. Remove the cap from the stone and connect the stone to the timer.
  2. Connect to the mains, press the start button: The lights come on signalling the beginning of the charge.
  3. When the stone light goes off, unplug the stone and put the cap back on the stone.
  4. Put the Solar Stone in the belt.
  5. Place the stone on your body where desired: cold or painfull area, abdomen, back, shoulder, foot, etc.