Always keep the stone in the cover and in the belt while charging and using, the metal casing reaches a temperature of 60ºC.

Keep away from children, the stone can burn young skin if it is taken out of the cover or the belt.

Pregnant women must not place the Solar Stone on their belly.

Red blotches can appear on your skin if you continuously use the Stone. They disappear after using.

Some people are more sensitive to the heat than other, if you feel the Stone too hot, place the protection disc in the belt on the backside.

As with all electrical devices, first connect the cable to the Stone, then to the mains.

If you use very thick blankets and sleep with the Solar Stone, wait for 15 minutes after the end of charging before going to bed.

During charging and using, do not place the Solar Stone on material sensible to heat such as plastic tablecloth, some synthetic, leather, precious wood, etc.

Wait for 1 hour before recharging the Stone after a first charge.

The inside of the Stone can be damaged if it falls down so be careful.

Keep away from water.

Don’t dismantle.